West Gate Bridge Maintenance and Operation Manual

West Gate Bridge Maintenance and Operation Manual
The 2011 West Gate Bridge Strengthening Project warranted preparations of a complete overhaul of the operation and maintenance manual that incorporated new structural elements that were added as a result of the strengthening project, and allowed the manual to be updated for actions observed from the operation of the bridge over the past 35 years. Now the bridge has been operating for some 5 years since the strengthening works.

In this session from Road and Rail 2016, Scott Taylor, Team Leader – Structures, SMEC, explores:
  • The composition of the manual, and categorisation the structure into its basic structural components
  • Summary of the strengthening works and current works being undertaken on the bridge
  • Revisiting assumptions made to determine critical elements, frequency of inspections and maintenance activities
  • Review of the use of the manual by the maintenance team

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