26 - 28 April, 2017 | Swissotel, Sydney, NSW

Chris Johnson

Urban Taskforce Australia

13:40 Case Study – Solutions to Meet Future Demand and Accommodate for Denser Environments and Lifestyles

Sydney’s environment is rapidly becoming denser as a result of urban growth and with increased global mobility and connectivity this is a future we cannot escape. Empowered to improve the quality of our community and way of life, Urban Taskforce advocates for a bigger and better built Sydney, envisioning metro systems as fundamental and critical solution to meeting our future needs and busier lifestyles. In this session, Chris will discuss the future of transportation, current and future challenges of keeping up with rapid urban growth and the opportunity to extend Sydney’s underground metro system across the CBD and interstate to lead the way in Australian cities’ shaping and transformation:

  • Underground metro systems and tunnels as the answer to Sydney’s growth
  • Chris shares on his research and varying perspectives on metro systems
  • Pros and cons of a metro system, including how it can minimise high congestion costs and create more urban mobility
  • Assessment of the North-West Underground Tunnel through Chatswood and the opportunity to extend the system and use it as a model for transportation in other cities across Australia
  • City shaping and transformation – discussion of how urban planning and transportation has an impact on consumers’ quality of life

16:30 Champagne Roundtable Discussion: What’s Next for Road and Rail Structures?

Choose a topic that you wish to discuss, and exchange your experiences among your peers over a glass of bubbly. This is also your chance to network with influential experts!

Roundtable A: Strategies to design road and rail structures that accommodate for heavier loads and traffic
Roundtable B: City shaping – Design and development of structures that are transformative to communities
Roundtable C: Innovative ways to leverage technology to better manage, maintain and extend asset lifecycles
Roundtable D: Strategic planning to optimise land use and make better decisions for transportation and urban settings

14:00 Expert Panel Discussion: Smart Cities and City Deals– Necessary for our Survival?

A “smart city” is an urban development mission to bring together technology, government and society to enable a smarter economy, governance and way of life. Some argue that smart cities particularly data-driven transport systems are necessary for our survival as Australia’s population and societal needs and expectations exponentially rise in light of technological advancement. This expert discussion panel will explore how necessary smart cities are for our survival as we strive to keep up with the times as Australia faces an urban growth epidemic.

  • Exploring the concept of urban growth and its effects on communities and economies in particular
  • Smart cities and city deals – how we can conceptualise a better and smarter way of living; key stakeholders involved; key considerations in planning, design and development of a smarter city and city deal; and the pros and cons of this trending approach to urban city landscape

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Chris.

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